Standard Shipping Instructions

To ship material into Ontario Soil Recycling all that is required is submission of a completed Waste Profile Sheet (WPS) with the appropriate analysis. Once a WPS is approved by Ontario Soil Recycling staff, shipments can begin same day or anytime thereafter.

While our normal receiving hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 4:30pm, these hours can be extended to accommodate your project schedule, including weekend deliveries.

For trucks delivering material to Ontario Soil Recycling, the drivers require no special paperwork other than a standard Bill of Lading. If you require a Bill of Lading or drivers instructions with map, simply go to our Forms page to download the appropriate document. All haulers must be MOE licenced.

Every truck arriving at the facility will be weighed prior to unloading and after unloading, with a minimum of two (2) copies of the scale ticket provided to the driver prior to departure. This scale ticket will identify the shipper, vehicle unit number, date, time in, time out, gross vehicle weight, tare weight and net weight. Both the driver and scale attendant will sign the scale ticket prior to distribution of copies.

Typical scaling and unloading times at our facility are less than 15 minutes. It is our priority to get your trucks back on the road as soon as possible.