Facility Design

Ontario Soil Recycling raises the standard for constructing and operating soil treatment facilities in Canada.

Our facility utilizes a 4.0 hectare site that is completely lined with a geosynthetic protective membrane and contains the following key structures:

  • 464 m² storage & maintenance building;
  • 167 m² environmental controls building that houses all aeration, nutrition and microbe injection systems, as well as weather monitoring and microbe preparation tanks;
  • 14 x 1,344 m² treatment pads where all screened and microbe inoculated soil is constructed into biocells;
  • 80' x 12' scale, government certified for commerce;

All water collected by our SWM pond is reused for microbe and nutrient preparations, as well as, moisture addition to biocells.

The design of the facility contains all petroleum hydrocarbon residuals on site and ensures no short or long term impacts on the local environment.

All biopiles are covered with impermeable membranes and operated such that a negative pressure is maintained within each biopile. This ensures that no volatiles are lost to the atmosphere.